Welcome to Meiningen

Kids in the exhibition muses court
Muses court between Weimar and Bayreuth

The passion for arts in the house of Saxe-Meiningen attracted musicians and artists from all over Germany. On your tour through the innovative exhibition in Elisabethenburg Castle you walk through the former Ducal living quarters and learn more about the musical history of Meiningen.  

Adelaide Room in Elisabethenburg Castle The English Queen from Meiningen

Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen was born and raised in Elisabethenburg Castle. She married the considerably older Prince William Henry and became Queen Consort of England in 1830. Still connected to her German heritage she introduced the Christmas tree to Great Britain.

Meiningen Theatre Without Meiningen - no Hollywood?

The Meiningen theatre ensemble with its exemplary performances was considered the epitome of European dramatic art in the late 19th century. Early Hollywood productions were inspired by the Meiningen company.